How to get a KITAP (Permanent Resident Status) in Indonesia

KITAP or permanent stay permit allows you to stay in Indonesia for 5 years at a time. It is the visa used by expats that live in Indonesia for long term or even plan to stay indefinitely. KITAP is also commonly chosen by investors and foreigners married to an Indonesian spouse or currently holding a retirement KITAS.

Who can apply for KITAP and what are the application requirements? Which restrictions and benefits come along with this visa? In this post we introduce the opportunities that lie beneath the surface of KITAP.

What is KITAP And Who Should Apply?

KITAP(Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetap) refers to a Permanent Stay Permit in Indonesia. According to the Indonesian Immigration Act (Undang Undang Keimigrasian No. 6/2011), KITAP is a visa allowing 5-year stay in Indonesia with unlimited number of extensions.

Eligible candidates for KITAP in Indonesia are:

Foreigners with an Indonesian spouse

Foreign investors, directors or commissioners in an Indonesian company (PT PMA) that have worked in the same Indonesian company for at least 4 years


Indonesians regaining their citizenship

KITAP is like a holy grale or an ultimate goal amongst people who wish to extend their stay in Indonesia. Mostly as this visa comes with a long validity period. It also allows you to forget constantly visiting the immigration office for visa extension. Due to the visa being this long-lasting, it plays a role in foreigners feeling more welcome in the community.

The extension is automatic if the position has not changed. This means that unless you had a status update during these five years, your next submission means only having to re-apply. KITAP will automatically be extended.

KITAP for Foreign Investors and High Level Employees

Have you been holding either the position of a director or a commissioner in the same Indonesian company for the last four years in a row? If so, and you also have the work permit (IMTA) and the limited stay permit card (KITAS) proving accordingly, you meet the initial requirements to apply for KITAP.

Your position must not have been changed during this timeframe. Plus, you must prove you are eligible with necessary documentation. If so, your next step is converting the KITAS you have been holding and extending for years.

We have also highlighted in our blog previously that you must hire foreign employees lawfully. You risk losing KITAP in case illegal foreigners are working in your company. Read more about how you should hire foreigners in Indonesia.

Retirement With KITAP

Wishing to spend years of retirement in Indonesia is not the idea of a few but a dream of many. The core requirement for retirees is age – the ones over 55 are eligible candidates and may apply for KITAS. After holding retirement KITAS for 4 years in a row, applying for KITAP is the next natural step.

Read in detail about how to apply for the retirement KITAS in Indonesia.

Applying for KITAP With a Local Spouse

Foreign nationals legally married with an Indonesian qualify for KITAP. As per the regulation, if you are a spouse of an Indonesian, you may apply for KITAP after two years of marriage (signed by the Indonesian Government).

In other words, the wedding itself will not make you eligible for KITAP, neither for living in Indonesia. The first part of the process towards permanent residency is where you will process KITAS. After extending KITAS twice, your local spouse will act as your sponsor in the KITAP processing. However, if you have been married for 2 years or more, you can proceed with KITAP right after getting KITAS. Hence, no requirement on extending your spouse KITAS twice first.

Find our blog post guide and most frequently asked questions about KITAS in Indonesia here.

Talking in darker shades, you are still eligible for KITAP in case the two of you divorce. This is in case your marriage lasted longer than ten years.

Working in Indonesia With Spouse-Sponsored KITAP

Owner of a spouse-sponsored KITAP has the right to work as a sole entrepreneur. Article 61 on the Immigration Law states this essentially grand benefit, as many visa types do not allow gainful employment for foreign nationals in Indonesia.

Therefore, after becoming spouse to your partner in Indonesia and fulfilling KITAP requirements, your position may be a consultant, with a status sole entrepreneur.

Additional Benefits of Applying for KITAP in Indonesia

Thanks to the diverse nature of this visa, there are many positive aspects a foreigner may consider as extras.

First, starting from the smallest everyday life costs, you will notice the impact this visa has on your entertainment costs. Note that many public places in Indonesia have discounts for KTP, KITAS and KITAP owners. Thus, this may result in you paying less for accessing:


Training clubs


In addition to this permit already allowing you to permanently stay in Indonesia during different stages and occasions in life – marriage, retirement, employment – there are additional benefits worth mentioning.

KITAP allows you to apply for:

Bank accounts

Credit cards


Driver’s license

With KITAP comes the permission to apply for a 5-year valid Indonesian driver’s license (SIM). However, note that you must also go through a driver’s test on spot. In case you are unsure how to process any of the above and lack of advice so far, book an appointment with Straits Partners in Bali or Jakarta office.

KITAP Submission Requirements in Indonesia

Requirements list is not extensive, however collecting documents takes time and sometimes exceeds your expectations. Mark Twain has said that “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”. You will receive KITAP and actually most things regards to documentation in Indonesia if you plan ahead.

Administrative requirements for spouse-sponsored KITAP:

Passport – original and scanned color or all pages (minimum 2 years validity)

Previous KITAS – scanned color of the document

Marriage book (Buku Nikah)

Indonesian Identity Card (KTP)

Tax Obligation Main Number (NPWP)

Family Card (Kartu Keluarga) of the spouse – status is “married” in all partner’s legal documents

Bank statement of the Indonesian spouse

Details about the address of residence

Administrative requirements for investors and retirees KITAP:

Passport – original and scanned color or all pages (minimum 2 years validity)

Previous KITAS – scanned color of the document

Indonesian Identity Card (KTP)

Tax Obligation Main Number (NPWP)

Details of residence address

IMTA (if the sponsor is from Company) and the sponsoring Company legal documents

In conclusion, note that processing KITAP may take around 14 working days from submitting all valid documents. However, as each process is individual, Straits Partners will give timelines and process overviews based on the time and urgency of your request.

Finding a Sponsor for KITAP

Similar to KITAS and other available visas in Indonesia, KITAP also requires you having a sponsor. The sponsor can be an agent from a third-party company of your trust and choosing. For example, for married foreigners the sponsors are often local spouses.

In many cases a local spouse or Indonesian company feels confident about knowing the regulations and procedures of the immigration. Hereby make sure you meet the deadlines and that you are not late with the submission.

Note that an individual or a company representative becomes legally responsible for you in case of any mishaps. Altogether, if you are not confident in doing it by yourself or your current sponsor is not credible, Straits Partners can help you with all visa services, including KITAP with accurate pricing and deadlines.

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