Proposals, Time Limits and Warnings for reporting Taxes in Indonesia

Expanding to a brand new market along with your organization could be very exciting and the last element you want is for your business’ potential to be held back through bureaucracy. At the same time as there are big possibilities in Indonesia, you must remember the fact that the country is within the 137th region within the international index for ease of paying taxes.

There is nothing impossible in understanding the domestic tax system however it is pretty simple to be trampled through it in case you fall behind with time limits and ignore rules. The Indonesian tax department also will be inclined to pay attention on organizations which have had issues with compliance within the past.

The tax system here is completely more complex than we can serve you in a brief article like this however we can provide you with the fundamentals of the system which includes tax deadlines, warnings and most significantly – recommendations.

Indonesian Tax Law

Primary taxpayer mistake made through businesses that enter Indonesia is forgetting that as soon as your organization is registered as tax resident/ tax payer, it is needed for settling your tax liabilities from third party withholdings, direct payments, or a mixture of each.

Besides for corporate and person earnings taxes, these taxes are accounted for on a decentralized foundation. So, unique provinces and areas acquire their very own tax statistics – making the reporting procedure a bit more complex when you have branches in different districts. Keep in mind: tax reports are filed to the district’s tax office in which your company is registered.

Monthly Tax responsibilities

Here are the monthly tax dates which you need to hold up with:

Type of TaxTax payment deadlineFiling deadline
Corporate Income Tax15th of the following month20th of the following month
Employee Withholding Tax10th of the following month
Other Withholding Taxes10th of the following month
VAT and Luxury Good Sales Tax (LGST)Prior to the tax return filing deadlineThe end of the following month

It is right to keep in mind that any underpayment of month-to-month tax payments should be settled before submission of the once a year tax return.

Annual Tax obligations

Taxable business earnings are calculated on the basis of universal accounting standards. In standard, deductions are allowed for all expenses incurred.

Annual tax reporting wishes to be completed within these deadlines:

Type of TaxTax payment deadlineTax return filing deadline
Corporate Income TaxBefore filing the tax returnThe end of the fourth month after the book year end (Usually meaning April)
Individual Income TaxBefore filing the tax returnThe end of the third month after the year end (Usually meaning March)
Land and Building Tax (PBB)Six months after the receipt of a Tax Due Notification Letter (SPPT) from the Tax Authority 


Warnings to keep in mind when reporting taxes in Indonesia

An interest penalty of 2% per month is imposed on overdue payments, with a most of 48%. Even in case you go over the deadline simply one day, it qualifies as a complete month. In case you are overdue or fail to file a tax return you’ll be charged with an administrative charge:

Type of tax returnRupiah
VAT return500’000
Other monthly tax returns100’000
Individual Income tax return100’000
Corporate Income tax return1’000’000

Failure to file a tax return through the applicable deadline may also lead the taxman to problem a warning letter. A warning letter will generally require you to file the tax return in 30 days of the warning letter dated. Ignoring any such letter can activate them to issue tax assessment with an administrative penalty of 50% of the tax. Sure, which could become plenty of money.

Issuing a faulty VAT bill, not issuing, or late in issuing vat invoice will bring about a penalty equal to 2% of the taxable base.

Tax audits and disputes

Apart from the usual rules which are pretty frequent with accounting disputes, some things to keep in mind with tax reporting in Indonesia:

    • In which a return is lodged displaying an over payment of tax, this can automatically cause a tax audit.
    • The statute of taxation topics is five years limitations.
    • You need to post all statistics/files in a month from date of request by government. Information/files that have not been furnished throughout the tax audit procedure will not be taken into consideration within the tax objection procedure.
    • You could appeal to the tax courtroom against the tax office’s selection. This needs to be executed within three months from the date of receiving the selection.

For tax functions, there may be no statutory requirement for an audit of your accounts through a public accountant. Which means that in case you do not make apparent errors or miss deadlines the tax authority could be not likely to take periodical interest in you.

Guidelines for reporting as PT PMA

 Create several Legal Entities

Keep in mind that the tax your organization will pay when your organization is going over 4.8 billion rupiah revenue from 1% of sales to 25% of earnings. That is a massive jump and could be averted through developing an additional pt pma. As a conventional move it’s going to save you a significant amount of money.

Outsource Accounting

In case your organization is newly set up and your turnover isn’t sufficient to sustain a permanent staff of accountants, you may want to outsource bookkeeping. That is due to the fact that a pt pma wishes to begin reporting its taxes and investment plan as soon as the organization is registered – even though there may be honestly no activity.

We realize that is a problem for a beginning organisation and diverts attention from handling the center business. Straits partners gives a corporate compliance service so that it will contend with your tax and investment plan reporting.

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